Fourteen Months

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I had a huge article written up for today, but now is not the time to share it*.

Fourteen months after losing Fiona, I am spending my second Christmas without her.

It’s hard. But life goes on. It’s not hard because it’s Christmas, as happens for some people. I actually don’t like Christmas, especially the commercialism. No it’s just hard because I feel like, I dunno, as if one of my legs is missing or something. Part of me that was extremely important to me has gone, at least for now. The light of her presence is no longer in my house.

And that’s what’s hard.

Just  for once, I have nothing else in particular to share. But wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I pray God’s blessing on you today. It’s a privilege for me to share even these little posts with you 🙂

*[Edit]: The article I had planned to publish today is actually here

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