My Links

As with most blog websites, much of what I write is inspired not only by real life issues, but also by reading others’ stuff and thinking about what I have read in relation to my own ideas.

Here, then is a list of links to the blogs and other sites I visit – some more than others – so that you can check them out too. You’ll notice there is a heavy emphasis on Grace in most of these sites; other than saying that, I’ll not put any comments about the sites; I’ll just let you form your own impressions.


Jesus Without Baggage

Refreshing, realistic, scholarly and yet very down-to-earth, Tim Chastain’s ‘Jesus Without Baggage’ website is well recommended by myself and others. Be warned: you could spend a whole day here reading Tim’s stuff…

The Evangelical Liberal

Some great, honest posts by Harvey Edser, a British Christian who is not afraid to ask questions…

cropped-cross-sky1 evangelical liberal

Escape To Reality

Great website containing the teachings of Paul Ellis, New Zealand pastor.

e2r escape to reality

All Set Free

Blog of Christian writer Matthew Distefano, a very insightful young man who really ‘gets it’.

Formerly Fundie

This is the Patheos website of scholar and writer Dr. Ben Corey. Hard-hitting critique of the harshness and the un-Christlike errors of Christian fundamentalism.

Music in Every Sound

Website of Christian blogger Emma Higgs

music in every sound

Let Me Be Foolish

Website of Christian blogger Christy Wood

let me be foolish


Website of Susan Cottrell, a big-hearted affirmer, advocate and adviser for LGBTQI+ people and their families.


Unfundamentalist Christians

Patheos blog and forum for people outside Fundamentalism. Or for those still trapped in Fundamentalism and who are looking for their freedom. A breath of fresh air.

unfundamentslist christians banner

Happy Sonship

Upbeat page of acceptance and Grace with blogger and pastor Carlos Rodriguez

happy sonship

Don Francisco

Legendary Christian musician Don Francisco


David Matthew – Christian Teacher and Writer

David has a varied and wide-ranging website, especially recommended for his widely-read scholarship and gentle heart. David is a personal friend of mine.

Very Small Rocks

Interesting and sometimes provocative articles on legalism-free Christianity


Done With Religion

Jim Gordon’s page on living the Christian life outside the walls of traditional Christianity