About Me

meMy name is Anthony, or Tony for short, and I’m an expat Yorkshireman living in the South-West of England. I was married to Fiona*, and I work as a professional scientist. Online and in my writing, I tend to go under the pen-name of Tony Cutty; this semi-anonymity is because I live in a house in which disabled people live, and therefore the last thing I want is a mob of rampaging Pharisees turning up on my doorstep brandishing King James Bibles 😉

I came to faith in Christ in 1980, and was the worship leader and Director of Music in a Charismatic House Church in Leeds until 1995 when we moved to the South-West.

In about 1999, I became thoroughly disillusioned with Church life and all its trappings, and I went into fifteen years ‘in the wilderness’, completely away from Church influences and all its pressures, and learned again to think for myself. However, during this time I still fellowshipped with God and worshipped Him. And He kept His Hand on me, for sure!

God called me back into Church life again in February 2014, and I am now in a great Church family in a Church of England Church. (If you want to read more of my story, it’s here). I firmly believe that a believer should be about the Father’s business, and that doing anything other than what Father wants is simply not going to bear fruit. If He’s not doing, then I don’t do it either! But if the believer sees what the Father is doing, he should follow that with all his heart. Hence my subtitle on the blog: “Doing what I see the Father doing”.

I set up this blog mainly as a place to share my spiritual insights with the world. Some of it may look like heresy; some of it may be new to you; some of the ideas you may have known about for far longer than I have. But, because I do what I see the Father doing, I do try to post only those things that I feel He is saying – at least, in the ‘Christian’ posts.

God is doing incredible things in the Church in these times. Much of it is new, the likes of which we have not seen before. And this should come as no surprise!

Some of the posts, though, will be about aviation and flying. This is because I have had a deep, lifelong love of the subject, and I find the stories I have published fascinating; and that is part of how God has made me. It is part of my way of sharing the joy and fascination of flight with you in order, hopefully, to bless you. I may not be able to actually take you flying personally, but I can share some of the joy of it with you here.

And there may be posts about other things too…these may not be interesting to everyone, of course, but in general I will post only things that I find interesting, funny, or edifying. Negative stuff has no place on this blog!

Also, as far as possible, I will not usually change what I wrote on a particular topic; I’m not going to edit or modify what I said, but at a later date. This is because each blog post reflects my current thinking at that point in time, and the evolution of the thought process is important if we are to see how I reached a particular conclusion. I’m showing my workings, as it were, as maths teachers always liked us to do at school! So later blog posts may well express different opinions to earlier ones. I may be more on track in my later post; on the other hand, my earlier post may have been closer to the truth. Or both may be wrong. We are talking here about things we can’t really imagine, so it’s understandable that usually our understanding should and will change with time.

Wherever possible, I reproduce others’ work on other websites almost entirely by directly copying and pasting into my blog, as well as including the links to the original work, again where possible. This is because I have had problems in the past with simply providing links, and then the target website for those links goes defunct and the intended message is lost. In this way, the learning I am trying to get across is preserved.

A note on my usage of the words ‘God’ and ‘god’. Sometimes, in the same blog post, you might see me beginning the word ‘God’ with either an uppercase ‘G’ or a lowercase ‘g’. This is intentional, and is intended to differentiate between what I consider a completely incorrect view of the Creator, or a view that is more like the Reality. I will leave you to work things out for yourself in each context! 🙂

And a note on publication dates: This site was set up on 14th May 2015; however many of the posts are dated before that time. This is because I had already shared many of those thoughts on Facebook and other forums, and the dates those thoughts were first made public are the the dates I have used as the publication date for each item on this blog.

Finally, yes, the blue-and-white Cessna 152 aeroplane G-BNSM in the header picture is being flown by me (I hold a Private Pilot’s Licence), with my son as co-pilot (he has one too). We were photographed as I was landing the aircraft at the end of our longest flight yet, from what was our home base at Bodmin in Cornwall to Compton Abbas, Dorset, in July 2013. We didn’t know we’d been photographed, but we found the picture while searching for pictures of the aeroplane for some other purpose. A nice surprise….

I hope you find my articles interesting and thought-provoking, and that they will be a real blessing to you!

Thanks for reading


* I lost Fiona to cancer on the 25th October 2016. I have written a number of tribute pieces for my remarkable lady, and that series is here.