Privacy Policy

In order to post replies, readers need to give an email address. There is also a subscription service that lets you know when new articles are posted on the blog, which also requiress an email address. Any email address provided to either of these services is visible to the site admin only, and is solely for the purpose of providing the comments and/or notification services to the site’s users.

A link is provided in each notification email to enable users to unsubscribe from the service if they no longer wish to receive emails.

I will not share email addresses with any third party, add them to any mailing lists, or send unsolicited emails to them. Although the blog is set up using the WordPress software, WordPress do not receive any information about my site’s users as the site is hosted entirely on my own server.

The main exception to the ‘no unsolicited email’ promise above is that I must reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, send an administrative email to a user if that person needs to be informed of something privately and urgently; an example of this might be if the user has been using extreme profanity and needs to be warned about it. That sort of thing.

The other exception would be that – very rarely – I might contact contributors with a view to them contributing work to be published on this site.

I want my visitors to feel safe using this site and for that reason I promise not to abuse your trust if/when you provide your email address.