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I don’t mind comments with opposing viewpoints and such – wrestling with difficult problems is what this blog is all about! Or much of it, at any rate. But what I won’t allow is ad hominem attacks trying to win an argument by discrediting another contributor. Also, I don’t want to see posts making judgements about another person’s ‘salvation’ status – whatever that means! Such comments will be deleted mercilessly, or, if they are a first comment, not published.

And passive-aggressive comments won’t be allowed either. Comments that come close to making accusations or questioning salvation status, but don’t – quite – make it. Well that’s a downright sneaky trick and such posts will also be deleted at my sole discretion.

Finally, if you submit a comment, you agree to it being used on my blog. This will, in the vast majority of cases, mean that your comment will simply show up where it’s supposed to. But some comments I might just use as part of blog posts, and I will do some discussion on the points raised. If you’re not happy with that, then don’t post the comment. That said, most people who post trollish comments just do ‘post-and-run’ attacks anyway; they comment and then they disappear, never to be seen again. Such people won’t even notice that their comment hasn’t been approved!