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Restoring The Shack

I have been most fortunate in that someone has pointed me in the direction of a fantastic series about The Shack, on YouTube, featuring the author of The Shack, Wm. Paul Young.

It’s called ‘Restoring The Shack’.

At the time of writing, I have watched three episodes and I have found it to be uplifting, healing, moving, peace-bringing and loads of other great fruits, all at the same time. For those who would diss Paul Young and his theology, I would say that you can easily tell by its fruit what a good thing The Shack is, and the fruit of this stuff is beautiful. You can say all you like about how Paul’s theology doesn’t match with [your understanding of] the Bible, but Jesus said that you can tell a good tree by its fruit. And you can’t argue with that, so don’t even try.

I have embedded the YouTube videos in the series below. There are eighteen episodes in total, and each one is about 20-30 minutes long.

I think this is the path to healing for many of my readers. Tread the path with me; you won’t be disappointed.



It’s not like me to be lost for words.

But I have just been to see the movie, ‘The Shack’, which was released to movie theatres here in the UK only last Friday.

And I am a complete and total wreck.

Let’s just say I didn’t take enough tissues in my pockets.

I can’t really say much more just now, except just that the film definitely did the book justice.

And it is completely unsurprising that The Shack in either/both of its iterations is offensive to the Religious. In this film is freedom, joy, release, forgiveness, healing; the exact antithesis, in fact, of the suffocating strictures of human Rules about God and how to approach Him.

But, less of that. If you haven’t already done so, let me encourage you in the strongest possible terms to go see this movie.

It will change the way you see life – forever!


“Is the Theology of ‘The Shack’ Heretical?”

Most of my readers will be aware that I am a big fan of the book, ‘The Shack‘, by Wm. Paul Young. I strongly recommend that people read this book, because it is simply incredible.

Via a great and moving storyline (it is written as a story), the book proposes total freedom, a carefree relationship with God, and also a closeness with God that some believers do not seem to have. It is essentially an extended parable. But rather than learn from this, some believers actually would rather try to discredit the book (and the movie that has been made of the book), most of them without even reading it themselves and instead relying on hearsay to ‘know’ what the book is about.

The Shack has life-changing concepts in it. You can look at my previous articles on it by clicking the category ‘The Shack’ at the top of this piece. The book is, of course, not Scripture, but, in the same way as the Scriptures were written, that is, by ordinary people writing about their interactions with God and their ideas about God, so too The Shack is such a book. As are all of the millions of books that Christians all over the world read. Theology is not confined to the Bible, it is also contained in the billions of pages of wisdom (or otherwise!) written in these countless books from people like Billy Graham, Joseph Prince, Derek Flood, Rob Bell, to name but a very few.

As I said above, many people ‘don’t like’ ‘The Shack‘, even though they’ve never read it. They say it contains ‘heretical’ ideas. While ‘heresy’ just means ideas that are formed from thinking outside the ‘box’, still many people in the Church shy away from it as something ‘dangerous’.*

So, after all that introduction, let me tell you that I read a great article the other day, an article that presents some of the claimed ‘heresy’ of The Shack, and discusses those claims in a level, balanced and rational way. This is one of the best articles I have ever read on this debate; indeed, it is one of the best-written articles I have ever read. It is a real joy to read.

Click the picture below to go to the article.


*If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31) What possible danger does God not protect his children from? These people know little of the awesome power of God!

I think that some leaders don’t want their people reading this book because it will cause them to lose ‘control’ of their flock. Some of these guys see themselves as the backstop, the guardians, ‘shepherds’, if you like, of their ‘flock’. I know they feel they are ‘protecting’ their ‘flock’. And that’s fine up to the point where they replace Jesus as the Good Shepherd (Jn 10:11). Jesus is perfectly capable of building His Church. In fact, I would not have thought like this in the past, but I now consider that if someone says that people should not read a certain author, a certain book, or go and hear a particular speaker, then a) that’s a sure sign of control; get out of there as soon as you can; and b) Go and listen to that speaker, read his/her books and especially that book that they don’t want you to read!

At the time of writing, the Kindle eBook edition of The Shack is only 99p (in British money!) on Amazon UK, and $1.27 on The links are here: Amazon UK and here: if you’re interested.


More on ‘The Shack’ – introducing the ‘Thirteen Heresies’!

Lately, I’ve been publishing quite a bit on ‘The Shack‘, by Wm. Paul Young, recently; personally I believe that it is one of the most profoundly influential books of our present age – in a good way. I believe that this book, and especially now it’s out as a movie, will bring more people into the knowledge of our good God than anything else in recent times. This book/movie emphasises the goodness of God rather than the anger that many Christians have majored on over the last couple of centuries. At last, God is publicly being portrayed as benevolent, understanding and loving rather than being armed with a thunderbolt rifle with sniper’s scope.

But of course it has its detractors. And they have – well, it’s almost a ‘mantra’ for Shack-haters – a meme giving thirteen ‘heresies’ that The Shack supposedly presents. I get the impression that, generally (as in the link I share at the end of my post here), most of these detractors have not read the book, but they go ahead and ‘warn’ people about how ‘bad’ the ‘heresies’ are that The Shack ‘spreads’. And it therefore seems to me that actually a lot of this has blown up on hearsay…but anyway the take-home message is that the detractors discourage believers from reading The Shack because it is ‘dangerous’. And this comes as no surprise, because the book actually depicts the path to freedom. If you read the book with an open mind and open heart, trusting God to protect you from all ‘dangerous heresies’, then you will come away from the book with an entirely new outlook on God, and a closer relationship with Him. The enemies of this work do not trust the Holy Spirit to ‘lead us into all truth’ (Jn 16:13), but instead these self-righteous people use the vile weapons of slander, misquoting, hearsay, Chinese whispers, twisting, context breaking, fabrication, and otherwise mauling the pure message of the book – which in my opinion was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and is certainly the genuine product of one man’s walk with God through some of the darkest times anyone can ever experience.

Paul Young has walked the walk; he’s earned the right to talk the talk!

So, here are the ‘Thirteen Heresies’. The reason I am showing them to you is a) to let you see how ludicrous they are and b) to prime you for a rebuttal article which really is excellent.

So, there we go. Actually, many of those points are not actually heresies at all, at least not demonstrably, and indeed many are a matter of opinion. For example, point 7 – ‘God submits to human wishes and choices’ – could that not be what we term ‘free will’? These people are assuming that because these points are under the big lettered title ‘THIRTEEN HERESIES’ that nobody will question the assertions – or even attempt to think for themselves. Well, maybe their intended audience think like that, but not this believer, matey! 😀 Over thirty years as a professional scientist have taught me to question everything (1Thess5:21),  and God can cope with that, believe you me. But of course the people who write this stuff discourage questions, at least those with answers they can’t cope with. Remember that most Pharisees will label as ‘heresy’ something that in fact is just something they don’t agree with. Get god on your side, and that backs up your argument and proves your point. Lol. Remember, one man’s heresy is another man’s freedom.

Usually, those in the freedom are the happier people! 🙂

So, to bring this blog post back to the positive, to the upbuilding of the saints, here is a beautiful piece, by Joshua Greeson, which humorously – and yet definitively – answers these claims of ‘heresy’. Click the image below to go to the article. Read. Ponder. Soak. Be blessed.

Now, doesn’t that just lift your spirit?

As I promised/threatened above, here is a typical example – the website I mentioned above – of the sort of ill-informed drivel that ‘Shack-haters’ come out with. Take careful note of all the self-righteous, unctuous, judgemental, passive-aggressive, ‘concerned’ tones they have in their toadying ‘discussion’. This really does make me want to puke, and I apologise for including it, even for comparison’s sake. I’m not even going to honour the site with a picture link!

Here it is.

I am sorry for the negative feel of some of this post; it is indeed very, very difficult for someone like me, who has experienced (and continues to experience) the fulness of God’s Grace in reality, to look at such tosh as that website, and maintain a level and calm demeanour. I feel I need to expose these claims on these websites for the, yes, lies that they are. This is the kind of religion I escaped from a long time ago, and I never want to go back there. But the book ‘The Shack‘ is so full of life and revelation that it’s no wonder these people try to deny it to others. As usual, it’s all about control. They really are shutting the doors of heaven in men’s faces (Mt 23:13). Heaven’s gate-keepers, indeed! I tell you, the tax collectors and sinners are going into the Kingdom ahead of these people! 🙂 (Mt21:31) So, if you haven’t yet read The Shack, please can I encourage you to do so with an open mind. Go into it to read the story – which in itself is a great and moving story – and let God speak to you. To say the most often – used phrase in the Bible: ‘Don’t be afraid’. God will hold your hand and prevent your feet from stumbling (Ps 116:8).

In a rare change to my comments policy (in fact this is the first time!), I actually considered disabling comments for this post. This is because I do not want to attract comments from those who dislike The Shack. There are enough websites out there that try to defame this excellent book, without providing an arena for its detractors here as well. To me, The Shack is positive, and I want only positive things on this blog. 

Therefore I will personally screen all comments for this post, and will simply disallow any comments which I consider to be negative.

Thanks folks 🙂


The Genius of ‘The Shack’

I love the book, The Shack. Religiously intolerant people don’t. It’s so sad that many Christians today are unwilling, because of their preconceptions, to let go of their image of a nasty, intolerant god and instead embrace the real, loving Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that so long to live in relationship with us. Proper, living, real relationship, not some fake fraud thing that some Christians espouse. In The Shack, a wonderful picture of God is presented; a picture of a God Who understands, Who feels, Who is compassionate and the source of all Grace.

This brilliant piece, by Baxter Kruger, explores why this novel, and the movie made from it, are such a polarising influence.

Click the picture below to go to the article. And, if you haven’t yet read The Shack, do yourself a real favour and grab a copy. You will find links to Amazon’s sales page for the book on my page on The Shack. Your life will be transformed.



The Shack

I have just finished reading what has to be one of the most revolutionary Christian books ever written.

Overturning the World’s and indeed the Church’s views of the nature and character of God, this book is moving, interesting, fascinating and exciting all at the same time. I won’t do any plot spoilers for you but I would strongly and heartily recommend you read it for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

The author, William P Young, took a lot of flak for his portrayal of the Godhead in this gritty and down-to-earth story, mainly from the conservative wing of the church and the usual Pharisees. All the more reason, then, for you to read this. If your faith has become stagnant, if your view of the Triune Godhead of Father, Son and Holy Spirit has become somewhat jaded, then this is the book for you.

But I have a more personal testimony to give regarding this book. Some of you will have read my article ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’, and you’ll know that I spend fifteen years in the ‘wilderness’ being detoxed from all my incorrect attitudes towards God. In those fifteen years, God showed me a lot about His nature and His love, forgiveness and mercy. When I read ‘The Shack’, I was astonished to find that about 80% of the ideas that Young presents in the book were things that God had already spoken to me in my wilderness time. He’s already downloaded the stuff into my spirit, and as you can imagine, reading it in this book, almost exactly as I was given it, was quite an affirmation for me!

If your interest has been piqued, you will want to get hold of this book and devour it! I have placed links to the Amazon websites (UK and US) to help you get the book if you would like to use their service; you can get it on Kindle too.

Here are the links:

The Shack on Amazon UK

The Shack on (US)

Alternatively you can buy it direct from the project website, click on the picture below or this link to go to the site.


You may also find it useful to take a look at a review of The Shack by my friend David Matthew; there is also a review there of the companion book, The Shack Revisited by C. Baxter Kruger. Here is the link:

David Matthew’s review of The Shack and The Shack Revisited

It is my sincere hope that reading this book will transform your Christian walk. It has transformed the walks of all those whom I know who have read it.