The Genius of ‘The Shack’

I love the book, The Shack. Religiously intolerant people don’t. It’s so sad that many Christians today are unwilling, because of their preconceptions, to let go of their image of a nasty, intolerant god and instead embrace the real, loving Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that so long to live in relationship with us. Proper, living, real relationship, not some fake fraud thing that some Christians espouse. In The Shack, a wonderful picture of God is presented; a picture of a God Who understands, Who feels, Who is compassionate and the source of all Grace.

This brilliant piece, by Baxter Kruger, explores why this novel, and the movie made from it, are such a polarising influence.

Click the picture below to go to the article. And, if you haven’t yet read The Shack, do yourself a real favour and grab a copy. You will find links to Amazon’s sales page for the book on my page on The Shack. Your life will be transformed.


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