All Honour

There are some worship songs that simply stick in your heart, no matter how many years have passed since you first heard it. All Honour is one of those songs; it never fails to send tingles down my spine. I first heard it when my friend Chris came back from  Australia, having experienced a real move of God out there (as I described in this article). All Honour was for me the song that reminded me most of that time in my life. God was working in power (as He still is!) and there’s nothing wrong with remembering with fondness such times, so long as you keep focused on the present time as well! Another such song was ‘Stand in Awe‘, which I have also put in my blog.

Here is the version of All Honour that Chris brought back with him; it’s the one I consider to be the definitive version, by Christian City Church, Sydney, Australia. The song has been very competently covered by Ron Kenoly and Hosanna Music on their album ‘Lift Him Up‘, but to me, this one, led by Christine Pringle of CCC Sydney, is definitive and best.

Listen and enjoy. Find Him as you listen!

All honour, all glory, all power to You
All honour, all glory, all power to You

Holy Father, we worship You
Precious Jesus our Saviour
Holy Spirit, we wait on You
Holy Spirit, we wait on You
Holy Spirit, we wait on You
For fire

 – Chris Falson

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