Daily Archives: 6th August 2016

Love Them….


This is simple stuff but ignored by so many.

However, “…this list is easy. I think we can all imagine loving all of these. But it’s another thing to say the word “love” when you are talking about society’s “monsters”. We’re talking about terrorists, murderers, rapists, kidnappers, pedophiles, extortionists, drug kingpins. All of them. Can you simply answer “love them” in the answer to who they are? Can you accept them, sins and all? I tell you what, Jesus could, and does. Unconditionally. When he said “love your enemies” he was definitely including them too. If we are all connected, none of us is “OK” until every last bit humanity, including our lowest and most disgusting members have been redeemed. They are all part of us, like it or not. And they are cherished by God in the most undeserved and profound way. Like it or not.”

So true. A link to this last paragraph, posted on Facebook by by one Tim Wilcox, is included below.