On Proof-Texting

I’ve always found ‘proof-texting’ to be disrespectful both to the Bible itself and also to the person to whom that proof-texting is being done.

There is a world of difference between showing occurrences in the Bible of phenomena or ideas (which is what I do with my Scripture references), and ripping verses out of context (both local and taking account of the whole Scripture) in order to prove a point.

For a while now, I have wanted to write a piece on proof-texting. But my friend Tim Chastain, author of the blog ‘Jesus Without Baggage’ has gone and beaten me to it 🙂 Good on yer, Tim!

Without more ado, here’s the link to his excellent piece which says all I ever wanted to say, and more!

Click the graphic below to go to the page:


2 thoughts on “On Proof-Texting

  1. Tony, when I saw your title I was eager to hear your thoughts on proof-texting.

    sorry I stepped on you plans for a post on the subject. However, I am sure you have thoughts I did not express. I would love to hear them–perhaps in post or otherwise. It is an important issue for me as well, and I am always open to other thoughts on it.

    Thanks for the reblog.

    1. Hehe thanks that’s generous of you Tim 🙂 I will have to look through my notes and stuff to see if there’s anything else to add! But you weren’t stepping on my toes; I think that these days the Spirit is saying so much similar stuff to so many of us that as long as one of us gets it ‘out there’, that’s all that matters 🙂

      And I love reblogging your stuff!

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