For My Inerrantist Friends…

“For My Inerrantist Friends: Why Appeals to Inerrancy are Totally Ineffective inĀ Discussion”

One of the most refreshing Christian blogs ‘out there’ in the blogsphere is Jesus Without Baggage. I know the author will be reading this – hi Tim! – but it’s true. Tim writes with a perfect blend of incisiveness, perception and gentleness, without judging and without condemning even those whose ideas he has issue with.

Anyway, less of the hero-worship šŸ˜‰

In this blog post, Tim writes on the problems with using Biblical inerrancy as a valid argument. An excellent set of points, which are well made and well explained, this article dovetails nicely with his article on ‘Proof-Texting’, which I shared some months ago.

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