Jesus is Your Qualification for God’s Blessings!

Remember my July post with the classic Wayne’s World clips ‘We’re Not Worthy!!‘? Well, here’s another affirmation to let you know that you are indeed worthy of God’s Blessings – through Jesus!

Recently I have been learning a lot about Grace. I have close relatives who are also rediscovering Grace, via the ministry of people like Joseph Prince. In the ‘Daily Grace Inspirations’ article I will link to, Joseph explains how Jesus makes you worthy of all of God’s blessings, through His Grace. And he quotes from Deuteronomy too; surprising for me to find blessing there, as I don’t normally find Deuteronomy ‘helpful’. But this has revolutionised my thinking on that. Thank you, Jesus, for all Your Grace!

Click the image below to go to the article. It will definitely be worth your while!

daily grace inspirations joseph prince



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