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Unfundamentalist Christians

Every so often, I stumble across a website where I find people who appear to believe, at least in terms of major tenets, exactly what I too believe.

The people who write the blog ‘Unfundamentalist Christians’ appear to be such people, because they have a set of reasonable statements which, to me, present a balanced view of Christian core belief. This is not heresy; this is people trying to make sense of their faith in a world gone mad, where the main religions also appear to have gone mad.

Nobody is going to believe exactly the same things as everyone else, which is why I hold to the idea of God being really laid-back; nobody can ever be 100% ‘right’, and in any case things right for some people are not right for others. And it’s ok to believe something different from others; that was one of the hardest things for me to cope with when emerging from Fundamentalism.

They put stuff on that blog that I don’t agree with. And this is great. The ancient, well-tried Rabbinic method of trying to work out that which is not workable-outable – God – involves deep discussion with people of differing viewpoints, in order to reach greater understanding of that which can never be fully understood in our limited human understanding.

But their central tenets I agree with. I recommend you look at them; you might just say something like, ‘Oh yes! That’s what I’ve always thought too!’

And you will know you’re not alone in those beliefs.

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