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Hawker Hunter

This entry is part 4 of 22 in the series Beautiful Destroyers

The Hawker Hunter is a British jet fighter designed in the 1950’s. It is just about capable of supersonic flight (in a dive) and is apparently a delight to fly. It’s certainly a delight to look at, both in the single-seat and two-seat versions. With its clean lines and lovely wing shape, swept curved tail fin and sleek fuselage, it’s simply gorgeous.

JPGS_Hawker Hunter FR Mk 10_rraf hunter





The Hunter was also flown by the Black Arrows, the forerunners of the famous Red Arrows:

RAF Aerobatic Display Teams

The Hunter is one of those aeroplanes with a characteristic sound – the Vulcan has its ‘howl’, and so does the Hunter. Here’s a short video of Hunters making their characteristic ‘blue note’ howl:

A lovely sound, for those with ears to hear…..although I appreciate that not everyone likes jet noise!


So there she is – the Hunter. Another Beautiful Destroyer!