Daily Archives: 22nd July 2016

Holy Are You Lord

The incredible piano and worship-leading talent of Terry MacAlmon cannot be overstated. Here he is singing his heavenly-vision-inspired song, ‘Holy are You Lord’. Excuse the dress styles and what have you; push through all that into what’s in these people’s hearts – this is real worship at its best.

If you don’t find your hands spontaneously rising up in worship as you listen to this song, it might be best if you check to see if your arms are still there 😉 :

Can you hear the sound of heaven
Like the sound of many waters
It’s the sound of worship coming from the throne
There are cries of adoration
As men from every nation
Lift their voice to make His glory known, singing

Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord
Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord
The elders and angels bow
The redeemed worship You now
Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord