Daily Archives: 6th July 2016

I Came to Worship You

Here’s a beautiful worship song from Terry MacAlmon – I Came to Worship You.

Get somewhere on your own, close your eyes, and then either join in or just listen. Let this song awaken a worship response in your heart and draw near to God as you do so. Worship has no time or distance; God is everywhere – you don’t need to be in a meeting to worship God even with recorded music like this! Let the Spirit rise in your heart as you worship Him. As Terry says in the worship, ‘Oh, just find Him as you sing…..’.

I came to worship You,
I came to sing Your praise,
I came to love You, Lord,
Your Holy name to raise,

Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Oh, how I worship You,
You are my Lord.