Just a small peek into the Power of the Cross!

Another one from Don Francisco’s page on Facebook:

Roman crucifixion was an invention that demonstrated openly the darkest part of the soul of humanity. Yes, it was inevitable that Jesus died there, but it was only the means to an end– our adoption into the family of God. Until Jesus came, we were separated by a vast gulf from a God we constantly feared and misunderstood. Then God actually became one of us, and suddenly we were able to look at Him face to face.

The problem was, we couldn’t stand the sight: What shone so clearly in Him was incompatible with what we saw inside ourselves. It was that part of us that needed to die, but instead of realizing that, we killed Him. What we never imagined He’d do, though, was to take all that was in us into Himself and die with it.

And while enduring the worst of our sin, hatred and ugliness on the Cross, He prayed the most amazing prayer: “Father, forgive them. They have no idea what they’re doing.” Of course, the Father heard Him, and forgave us. But as the God of eternity, He already had. He sent Jesus because it had always been the Plan to bury our old, sinful nature and raise up a New Human. It had always been the Plan to share the eternal life and joy of the Father, Son and Spirit “by bringing many sons and daughters to glory”, by bringing us all into the circle in the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. You’re with/in Him now– He didn’t fail in His mission. He’s done it! Hallelujah!

– Posted by Don Francisco on Thursday, 2 April 2015


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