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Vintage Worship Tapes

vwt_pageA couple of years ago I began a project to preserve out-of-print worship tapes, specifically from the now-defunct Harvestime movement in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. This was undertaken in order a) to preserve this music for posterity, and b) to bless worshippers all over the world with this wonderful worship music.

The music will bless you, I am sure. There’s loads of it, all in mp3 files suitable for mp3 players, iPods, smartphones, you name it – and it’s all free to download.


Click here to go to the Vintage Worship Tapes site


Romans 6:1 – Grace, Extravagant Grace

Romans 6:1 says, “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?” (NIV)

I’ve just read an excellent blog post about that verse, which is well worth reading.

Here’s the link

Also worth special attention is this comment, where the poster mentions ‘sin-management’ churches. -not a healthy prospect!

Readers of this blog know I’m into Freedom in Christ. The article linked to in this posting will help you make another step towards your personal freedom. Enjoy it!


Once saved, always saved!

I’ve just read on another blog where yet another hardline Christian makes the statement that “there is no such thing as once saved always saved*. Do not deceive yourselves…”

I disagree. I believe that once saved, is always saved.

It simply must be.

If our salvation depends *in any way* on us; on our flesh – and in that I include behaviour, belief, anything we can *do* or *think* that will somehow negate our salvation – then what right do we have to rejoice in our salvation?

Because if there is any way we can lose our salvation by something we do or think, then it’s a shaky salvation indeed. And we would have no cause to rejoice in such a salvation.

But, praise God, its *He* who is in charge of your salvation! From the moment you accepted Him, it became His responsibility to look after your interests in the salvation stakes.

It’s up to Him to transform you, up to Him to lead you; all you need to do is to follow and obey. The trips and falls you suffer on the way will never, can never, make you lose your salvation. Would you send your toddler son off to be punished for stumbling as he learns to walk? I think not….how much more, then, will Father God be gracious and patient with His children?

“Amazing love, immense and free | For O, my God, it found out me!” – Charles Wesley


*Definition: ‘Once saved, always saved’, means that once a person is ‘saved’ by becoming a Christian, he/she cannot ever lose that status.