Bible in its Proper Place

I’ve written before about putting the Bible in its correct place. I’d just like to reiterate this idea in this short piece where I answer the question of a friend when he said,

“Several of my scholarly friends are constantly sharing about spending time in the Word, Scriptures, Bible…. it’s the answer to everything…and the reason why the world is a mess and people’s lives are a mess is because people aren’t reading the Bible…

But did Jesus say much about learning the Bible?”

Here’s what I put:

Jesus didn’t knock studying the Scriptures; He did it Himself and used them a lot, especially in agruments with the Religious. Meeting them on their own terrain, as it were.

But He also said that the Sciptures weren’t the be-all and end-all. He said that His listners refused to come to Him to have life, despite the Scriptures themselves speaking about Him.

He also put more emphasis (at the Last Supper) on the Spirit teaching, rather than the Bible. He never ruled out Scripture, but He put it in its proper place. And that’s what I do.

If the Bible is held in higher authority than the Spirit, then the Bible is not in its proper place. Granted, different people hear different things from the Spirit, but it seems that’s a risk God is willing to take 😉


I hope that makes sense and blesses you

Grace and Peace

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