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Here is another collection of bite-sized wisdom quotes. I apologise that about half of them are by some dodgy-sounding character called ‘Me’; he appears to have been on a bit of a roll this last couple of weeks 😉

“The cross doesn’t mean you can be forgiven. The cross means you are forgiven. That was always the Father’s heart toward you from the beginning of time. God is not mad at you. God does not count your sins against you. So be reconciled. That’s the Gospel”.
– Jacob M. Wright

“I’m sure if God had wanted you to know about that [usually an enquiry about ‘sexual sin’ on someone’s part], He’d have already told you about it. And how presumptuous to believe that, although God has known all along, all of a sudden because *we* know, we have to do something about it on God’s ‘behalf’. That’s pathetic”.
– Me

“You don’t need a book for a relationship but it’s painfully obvious you need one for a religion”
– Barry Smith

“Religion’s problem is that it doesn’t trust God to be reliable enough to speak to people Himself”
– Me

“Radical grace lets you live life like everything is rigged in your favor. It’s that good”.
– Don Keathley

“And you make a positive difference just by being you. The contribution you make is not entirely your responsibility; it’s God working through you too. Just relax and live; don’t worry that what you do with your life won’t be enough”.
– Me

“That’s what happens when you know the book but not the author…”
– John Plummer

“You need to get rebellious against the fear that bullies you”
– Catherine Toon

“Religion is the ultimate in gold-plating”
– Me

“Sometimes, in the absence of [clear teaching], you have to spell it out for the hard of thinking.”

“I’ve always have said, life is tough enough, why on earth would we need a supreme being to make it harder for us? Is he not father? I would never do [something horrible] to my child, why would God?”
– Simon Wilson

” ‘Ah, but you only get unconditional love if you…. [insert religious requirement of choice]’. Looks as if someone’s tried to redefine ‘unconditional’, and others haven’t noticed it happening”
– Me

“To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination”
– Adm. Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek – Picard 

“2,000ft up in the air is not a naturally tenable position for the best part of a ton of metal, wood, fuel and flesh, except under certain well-defined conditions. In general terms, the Pilot’s job is to make sure that those conditions apply for the whole flight 😉 ”
– Me

“There is a big difference between turning your back on God, and turning your back on religion. Turning your back on God is like a fish being in the ocean and trying to turn his back on water. Turning your back on manmade religion is like a fish on dry land flopping back into the water”.
– Wendy Francisco

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