The Party We’ll Have in Hell…

My regular readers will know that I don’t believe that God torments people who don’t believe in Jesus,  forever, in a terrible place called Hell. Here’s a brilliant post about the incongruity of the idea of Hell by one of my favourite Christian bloggers, John Pavlovitz.

Click the graphic below to go there (to the article, of course, not to Hell! 😉 ):

One thought on “The Party We’ll Have in Hell…

  1. I’ve been saying this for a while, now. It really gets the goat of some traditionalist Christians when you tell them that if heaven is full of self-righteous and judgmental religious zealots, and heaven is full of my favourite people, then I’ll pick hell, thank you very much! The last such Christian I said that to looked like I’d just slapped him, it genuinely was quite amusing.

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