Hell is a Control Tactic

I’ve said before that I think that Hell was invented by the Church in order to keep people in line. Or, at least, the idea of ‘eternal conscious torment’, as espoused by most Evangelical Christians who maybe haven’t really thought about it all that deeply. To be fair, I think that latter statement is true; so many Evangelical Christians simply believe what they’re told – I was like that once upon a time, to my embarrassment 😉

While finding one instance of a supporting article on the Internet is not really ‘conclusive evidence’ as such, still I wanted to share this one as it looks as if I’m not the only person who thinks that about the control tactics. Here’s an excellent interview with a retired priest who thinks that too. Click the picture below to go to the article:

You could also visit my Hell Resource Page for more on why I don’t believe that Hell is what many Christians think it is.

If for whatever reason the original article has disappeared from the Internet (well, you never know!), here is the article copied and pasted into a page on my blog.

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