When There is No Real Answer

So many questions in life remain unanswered, especially the really deep ones. I guess that’s what makes them deep…. Sometimes, the trite answer – which isn’t really an answer – is to trust in God and His infinite love, power and knowledge. Sometimes (well, actually, it’s usually) that’s hard too. But still I think that often that is the best answer. We just need to trust, essentially.

I read an excellent little article by Matt Rabjohns, on this very subject, which fleshes out the idea with real trust.  Here it is, and I trust it will bless you:

Sometimes you have to realise amidst all the baffling questions of life you just have to rely on Jesus. There are so many I wrestle with when I needn’t bother to. Jesus is already the Victor. Jesus is already the winner. The blackest day on Earth will not push aside the fact that when on the Cross He states It is Finished. The questions need not find all their answers in life. Just leave them in God’s hands. He sees. He knows. He understands. And above all these his Name is Mercy and Love. He wont strike me down for my questions. But I am no longer afraid of them anymore. They can’t take me from His side. His blood is over me and that is my infinite protection. If God be for me who can be against me, I know some verses are now transformed sometimes into little more than cliches but I believe in them with all my heart. The questions will never overpower the ultimate answer. Jesus is my Triumphant risen blessed Saviour who can never be defeated. I am so humbled and inspired to have such a decent, kind, selfless and loving God who watches over me. No, I don’t and never have or never will have a fire breathing mental case whose wrath will shove me into the pit of hell for ever. No, God and Jesus and the Spirit are LOVE. Why is this so very hard to grasp? I’ve seen it in evidence far too often to disbelieve this. One day the broken and battered shall be healed. one day the questions shall be answered. One day the pain that plagues creation will be gone. So for me and mine, I choose to trust in the Lord. And I will love all His children on the planet. I will not sit and judge like some pharisee. I will be open for Jesus to shine through me. Love is with us. Thank You Lord for all you’ve done for us. We can never hope to thank or praise You enough“.

[Edit: See also ‘Life’s Big Questions‘]

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