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Christmas and The Terminator

Like I’ve said elsewhere (actually it’s in tomorrow’s post!) I don’t normally ‘do’ Christmas stuff. But this little parable/analogy by Wendy Francisco really caught my eye and I just had to share it:

“Two versions of Christmas. The new version (less than a thousand years), of Christmas is that Jesus comes as a child, born in a stable, to fool us into thinking he is a servant, but someday, the Jesus who is the “same yesterday today and forever” somehow changes into the Terminator and wipes out most of the totally depraved human race, rewarding forever a small modern sect called evangelicalism.

“Or, the ancient version, the God of an endless and beautiful universe comes down as a child to demonstrate His unchanging character as a servant, not to be our terminator but our victim as a statement of the eternal safety that rests in authentic love, love defined in His terms not ours, …and also as a deliberate and marked contrast to the retribution and performance orientation of monetarily profitable human crafted religions which literally cover the face of the world.

“Many of us believers still haven’t seen that it is we who need to be saved from hell…and that that salvation is embodied completely in that small child, and repeated again and again throughout His life, and again in His death, and yet again in His rising.

“Our flesh craves the destruction of enemies for the achievement of cultural stability which we have mistaken for peace, and that is the biggest lie on earth, locking us in an endless death spiral. We excuse our complicity with everything scripture defines as murder with “sovereignty doctrines” and then further use the trick of free choice to justify it, not recognizing that we are the ones not making the choice. We are not choosing the way of Jesus, to love to the point of being willing to die for enemies. This is the doom of earth that Jesus broke.

“I pray you will see the Child this Christmas … that you will crumble to ashes, and rise with Him”.

The scary steel skull character in the header image is the Terminator T-100 robot from the Schwarzenegger movie ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day”

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