Daily Archives: 3rd February 2016

True Christian Leadership

Here is an excellent article, from the ‘Done with Religion” blog, on how Christian leadership should ideally function. The article is not completely comprehensive of course, but it clearly highlights the faults with the top-heavy authority structure leadership style employed in all too many churches, and explains what true Christian servant-based leadership should look like. I have to emphasise that my Church’s leadership is not of that faulty type; I would not be a part of a Church with that sort of leadership!*

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Something else that is relevant in this context: you may remember that a few months ago I did a piece called ‘Vision of the Valley’, where I described how I feel God is looking for truly humble leadership in His Church in this day. The piece featured the song of the same name – Vision of the Valley – by gospel singer Don Francisco. Don did another song – on the same album as ‘Vision’ – called ‘Foolish Shepherd’, where once again he highlights poor and abusive leadership in churches, and how God feels about this. Here it is; have a listen:

I particularly love that line, “He gave His Word for freedom; you use it to enslave”. People who use the Bible to tell others how to live their lives, which is what it boils down to. The straitjacket of legalism instead of the free flying of Grace!

Christian leader, you would do well to read the article, listen to the song, and listen to Jesus’s Voice in your heart. If He’s not prodding you about anything, fine. But if He does speak, take care to listen and not harden your heart! Be blessed!


*I do think, though, that for specialist churches like mine, where it’s an inner-city CofE Church that works with the homeless, addicts and those involved with all kinds of vice, we need a strong leader who has set guidelines – and I hate Rules, as my regular readers will know! – but this is for the good of the addicts we get in. Our Vicar always points people to Jesus, but there are certain types of people in our environment who have to know who is ‘in charge’ on a human level.

Believe me, I don’t follow leaders lightly. But in this instance, I feel it’s important to have a strong leader. I don’t always agree with him on everything, but that’s ok, in both directions. However, if a leader does insist on full compliance with Church doctrine, that, to me, is a danger sign.