Daily Archives: 29th September 2015

An Evangelical Liberal

Many people in the Evangelical tradition struggle with the various doctrines and tenets of that particular denomination. It’s hard to ask the questions, hard to think straight, and hard to draw back from it if you feel you need to.

I believe in ‘Once Saved, Always Saved‘, but many Evangelicals do not. Or at least they claim that they are ‘saved’, but when it boils down to it, they believe that there are certain things they could conceivably do which could somehow cut them off irreversibly from God and render their salvation useless – which seems pretty pointless to me; wandering in and out of a [misunderstood] state of grace, whereas actually Grace is something you can’t really wander out of…. And some of them therefore believe that by asking the ‘wrong’ questions, you are somehow blaspheming, doubting God or otherwise negating your salvation. But let me tell you that it is perfectly safe to question the things you believe in because your relationship with God is guaranteed by Holy Spirit (Eph 1:14)

Here is a blog post, then, from Harvey, a man who has honestly faced up to his questions and ‘doubts’ (not necessarily doubts in God, but doubts about the tenets of Evangelicalism) and come out the other side. His blog is entitled The Evangelical Liberal. And his story could have been copied more or less word for word from mine, our journeys have been so similar.

Click here to read Harvey’s blog post. And, while you’re there, take a look at his other stuff too. There is so much freedom there….