Daily Archives: 9th September 2015

How do aeroplanes fly?


A word of explanation: the ‘FAA’ is the Federal Aviation Authority, the national regulatory body for aviation in the USA; here in the UK we have the CAA – Civil Aviation Authority. These national regulatory bodies are often seen by many pilots and aviation enthusiasts as barriers to the free enjoyment of the skies. They do a lot of good, though – modern aviation wouldn’t work without them – but they are also largely bureaucratic in their mindset. Here in the UK, some pilots even refer to the CAA as the ‘Committee Against Aviation’.

The diagram is a spoof of the ‘Four Forces of Flight’ diagram that normally illustrates the four main forces acting on an aeroplane in flight:


But of course everyone knows that what really holds those huge airliners up in the sky is all the passengers clinging on tight to the armrests. Without those forces, the plane would just drop out of the sky….. 😉

Happy Birthday to Me!

On this day, 35 years ago, I began my walk with Jesus. Although I don’t like the term ‘Born again’, because of all the extremist connotations it carries, I did begin a new life – like being re-born if you like. I began a life walking with my Friend, Teacher and Saviour, and He’s never left me, even (and especially) through the ‘wilderness years‘.

In John 16:12, Jesus said, “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear”, and He has indeed spoken to me many truths and insights, some of which I share here on Flying in the Spirit. My point being that although the Bible is full of the things Jesus said in the past, He still speaks to His people in the present day, and continues to do so. There’s always something new with Jesus!

So, i just thought I’d mention it here on my blog. I’m 35 today (sounds a lot better than 53!), and we will be having one of my favourite ‘unhealthy’ meals this evening – Fish finger sandwiches with parsley sauce – so it’s Happy Birthday to Me!