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Theology, the Oyster and the Ballerina

When people like me read and write about theology, we need to bear in mind that a lot of the time, we don’t really have a clue what we are talking about.

Sure, I have a relationship with Jesus and because of this I am aware of the Presence of God in my life. But the immensity, the infinity, the immeasurable, unknowable complexity and grandeur (I can’t find the words!) of Father God in His awesome Majesty; even eternity will not be long enough to plumb the depths of His greatness – so how much more so, while we are still human, mortal and limited in understanding and perception, how much more so will we be unable to comprehend God?

Jesus makes God more understandable, more approachable, as He Himself is God and shows us what the Father is like. “He who has seen Me has seen the Father”, Jesus said in John 14:9. But even so, and much as I am in full appreciation of Jesus’s work in His life, death, resurrection, ascension and His continued presence with us by His Spirit, still we really don’t understand everything. We don’t really even scratch the surface!

Here, then, via well-known Christian writer Jeremy Myers of ‘Redeeming God’, is a parable about a rock, an oyster and a ballerina. Funny, entertaining, and hopefully helping us to laugh at ourselves and our limited concepts and perceptions, I wholeheartedly recommend my readers to give it a go. It’s quite long, but it’s worth it.

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