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Beautiful Destroyers

This entry is part 1 of 22 in the series Beautiful Destroyers

There is a certain irony in this: some of the most beautiful aeroplanes ever built were made with the express purpose of breaking things belonging to other people.

In other words, combat aircraft.

Of course, some of these aeroplanes have been built to break things belonging to other people, which are in themselves trying to break things belonging to the owners of the aeroplanes. For example, interceptor aircraft which are designed to shoot down bombers before they break something serious.

But, dark though the purpose of these aircraft may be, still, they are beautiful.

In this series, stretching over several posts, I will be showcasing some of these aeroplanes which I consider to be particularly beautiful, majestic and/or otherwise impressive. I’m going to post pictures of the aircraft, and in most cases a description which may be short,  long or somewhere in between. And they’re not all going to be military aircraft, either.

And don’t worry: I will also be posting on matters spiritual too!

I hope you enjoy this series!