What is sin?

We hear a lot about sin these days. But because Jesus has already dealt with sin at Calvary, it’s not really something that we should dwell on that much; so many people these days are so fixated with sin – theirs and others’ – that they take their eyes off Jesus and become ‘sin-management’ Christians. This is such a shame as we were set free for freedom, not bondage to sin or its effects. Take a look at my article ‘Freedom and Purity’ for more on this, as that’s not really what I want to talk about today.

So, what is sin? Sin is whatever separates you from God. Whatever you feel stands in the way.

It’s whatever you feel has set up a wall between you and God; a reason why you don’t feel that you can go into God’s Presence. Simple as that. And the solution is equally simple: Tell God about it and ask Him to forgive you.¬† Repent of anything persistent. And then get up and walk free of it. Job done! Keeping short accounts with God, once you become aware of any ‘problems’, is key to living in the peace of God.

So often, the problem is not that God ‘can’t look upon sin’, as so many Christians like to tell us. It’s that we feel that whatever we’ve done blocks us off from God; the problem is with us, not with God. But the solution is still the same. Talk to God, be forgiven, rise up and walk in freedom. And in His presence.

Things that set up these perceived barriers will be different for each person. For some, simply being mean to someone else will immediately trigger the barrier; again the solution is simple: ask God’s forgiveness, make amends with the person, and put it behind you. For others, the problem will be less obvious – like the Rich Young Ruler in Luke 18:18-23. His problem was that his riches stood in the way. It was not the same problem for the other people present; these people would have had their own hangups though!

The reason that we can come with confidence into the Holy Place – the place where God ‘resides’ – (Heb 10:19) is because of what has been accomplished by Jesus on the Cross. There is now no longer any barrier, no reason for a guilty conscience. Your sin, that which to you is your personal barrier to being in God’s Presence, is dealt with on an equally individual and personal basis, that is, just for you!

This also means that others’ sins are between them and God, and are none of your concern. Unless they affect you directly, of course, in which case you might have to explain to them how they make you feel. But things that do not directly affect you are, quite frankly, none of your business. Other people’s sin does not separate you from God!

So, that’s what sin is. Don’t go looking for it, don’t get hung up about it, just deal with it when it when it occurs and then walk free. These are words of freedom, and they are for you today! Now, go and live it out!

Some people believe that if you can’t justify an action within your faith, it’s sin. This is incorrect. Have a look at my article¬†The Definition of Sin?? for more on this.

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