Daily Archives: 17th July 2015

“We’re Not Worthy!!”

Sin is such a hangup for many Christians, partially because they imagine that God is displeased with them for ‘doing bad stuff’. Well let me tell you that God is more pleased with you than you can possibly imagine. So often we get the ‘We’re not worthy’ attitude whereas actually God sees us as worthy.

Take a look at this classic clip from ‘Wayne’s World’ where Wayne and Garth consider themselves unworthy to be in the presence of their idols, Aerosmith.

Love how Steven Tyler says to them, ‘You’re worthy, get up!’, and then they proceed into the ‘holy of holies’ with their backstage passes.

And then again in the presence of Alice Cooper:

…after Alice invites them to hang out with him and his band.

This is so prophetic – God does exactly this. He invites us to hang out with Him even though we don’t consider ourselves worthy. Jesus made the way open!

So God is saying to you – this day and every day – “You’re worthy. Get up. Come and hang out with Me”

How awesome is that?