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10 Reasons Why The Rapture Must Be Left Behind

The Rapture.

The supposed end-times event where millions of “True Believers” are whisked away in the twinkling of an eye, to be with Jesus. Those left behind have to pick up the pieces of a world left in chaos, and are subjected to terrible tribulations under a despotic ruler, known as the Antichrist. Then Christ returns (again) and destroys all the ‘evildoers’ left alive on the earth.

Well, it makes for good reading, and some great adventure stories. But it also panders to the religious fad of wanting to feel terror, a bit like watching a horror film. A Christian horror story, maybe.

You see, surely the Gospel is about peace and hope, not terror and destruction?

The whole thing smacks to me of money-making, fear-mongering religiosity. Many people have a dichotomy of fear: they know about a Loving God, and yet this Jesus who is supposedly so loving and turned towards sinners will suddenly become the most powerful destructive force in the Universe.

Of course, I don’t buy it. This is not the Jesus I know. Now, I have read the ‘Left Behind’ series in its entirety, and like I said, it is a great adventure story. But it needs to be left in the Fiction section of the library. The scenes at the end of the series where Jesus destroys people by shouting Bible verses at them (yes, really!) is blasphemous in the extreme (and I don’t use the word ‘blasphemy’ lightly), although if you read it as a fiction story it doesn’t feel so bad, but it’s still uncomfortable to read for someone who loves the real Jesus, not the fictional one!

The entire concept of the Rapture and what follows it is a fairly recent addition to Church theology, the earliest mention being in the sixteenth century. It does not appear to have been part of the belief system of the early Church – but it is certainly part of popular theology today and it hosts some of the most destructive, fear-mongering rubbish that it is possible to hear. The Rapture, if you really think it through with all its ramifications, is about as anti-Gospel as you can get. It omits Grace, majors on fear and worldly judgement, and paints a dreadful caricature of God as one who destroys rather than one Who heals and reconciles. Sounds more like the enemy to me.

Anyway, enough of my ranting. The book, “10 Reasons Why The Rapture Must Be Left Behind”, by Stephen D Morrison*, is a short, well-researched and highly readable book which dismantles the destructive Rapture doctrine with sound reasoning, proper Biblical exegesis, and historical and theological research. This is, in my opinion, the ‘go-to’ book on this terrible doctrine, both for people who would just like to know what it’s all about, and also the more serious theologian who wants it all set out properly.

This is not a book for people who are still in a theological rut, where you know exactly what you believe and are unwilling to change your mind (that’s called ‘Repentance’, by the way!) about things you are sure you know.

But if you have an open mind, a mind open to the teachings of Holy Spirit and also a mind for properly reasoned ideas (God likes that sort of thing!) then it’s for you.

Oh, did I mention it’s free? Ah, that got your attention… 😉 At the time of writing, the Kindle version of this book is free for download from Amazon.

Read it. Enjoy it. Live it. This is yet another book that contains pure freedom within its pages. Release from fear, release from a terrible image of god, release from the horror of the fear of the end-times. God is Good. This book states that clearly.

Click the relevant link below to go to the Amazon page for this book. If you’re not in the UK or the USA, just search ‘reasons rapture left behind morrison’ (omitting the quotes) on your country’s Amazon site. You should find it easily enough.

Link to the book on Amazon UK

Link to the book on Amazon.com

*Yes, I am sure the ‘Left Behind’ part of the title is a play on words 😉