Lost in Your Love

A few weeks ago, Fiona and I went to a meeting at my dear friend’s School of Supernatural Ministry here in Devon. At the start of the meeting, there was of course worship: the saints lifting up the name of Jesus and drawing near into His presence. We were slightly late and the worship had already begun – and it was like walking straight into the Throne Room of God. His glory was there with such weight, was so tangible, that we were straight into His awesome Presence. Fiona and I have always found it easy to ‘tune in’ to God in our worship; basically we can go straight into worship at just about any time, but this really was something special.

It was one of those worship sessions where the very first thing you do is to fall at His feet in awe of His Majesty. And yet, you know you are welcome there, because He loves us and thinks it’s ace when His kids come to worship Him. The Presence of God is not a threatening Presence, it’s a welcoming Presence, a Loving Presence, a Healing Presence. Huge and overwhelming, but utterly peaceful and utterly beautiful.

At times like this, there is no consciousness of the passage of time, no inclination to stop, no boredom or desire to leave. It’s just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus all the way. Lost in His Love. Conscious of little else but His Presence. When all things that surround become shadows.

And then it happened again, just last Sunday, when Fiona and I were at a healing meeting in Bridgend, South Wales. Again, the Presence of God. Again, His healing Hand at work. I was shaking with His power; I just couldn’t stop it. Simply indescribable. You can’t fake God’s Presence; there is simply no substitute. It’s not music, it’s not singing, its just that He honours us with His Presence. Anything less is simply worthless.

I wish there was a better way to explain, but unless you have been in God’s Presence yourself, there’s just no way I can describe it. Sometimes it seems as if the air itself is sparkling with what is known as the Shekhinah glory of God in the room – sometimes it appears that the air becomes slightly cloudy; sometimes, as I said, it sparkles. And the strong feeling of the Presence of God in the place is unmistakable and indescribable too.

There is simply nothing else that can compare with being in God’s Presence. I would like to encourage you to seek Him earnestly and draw near with faith, into His Presence!

Here is a lovely song, ‘I want to sing until I am lost in Your Love‘, by Malcolm DuPlessis, which reflects this idea of being ‘lost’ in God’s Presence and Love; please feel free to join in…..enter into God’s Presence today.

I want to sing until I am lost in Your Love
Till I am found in Your presence
Worshipping before Your throne.

Filled with Your Spirit
Entering into Your flow,
How precious these moments,
Lord, I want You to know.

It’s You, You who have won my heart,
Taken me into Your arms,
Comforted me like a friend.
Your love surrounded me from the start
I never want to be apart from You ever again.

I want to sing until I am lost In Your Love’ can be found on the tape ‘Celebrate!‘ on my website Vintage Worship Tapes

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