God Will Make a Way

A few times recently, I’ve heard the phrase, “God can’t”.

I disagree. God can. God can do anything! Unless it’s intrinsically impossible – say like a ‘square circle’ – then God can.

One of the people, however, qualified their “God can’t” by saying that “without faith, God can’t”. Fair enough, but again, this is incorrect, because as far as I know, nobody was around when the Universe began (however you believe it happened), to provide the faith for the ‘God Can’ of creation. Faith is not needed for God to be able.

So this is just to encourage someone out there – God can! God will make a way, where there seems to be no way! I’ll end this post by presenting to you a (very young!) Don Moen playing his iconic song, ‘God will make a way’. Enjoy:

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