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Cheap Grace?

I always wonder if people realise what they are saying when they effectively insult the Grace of God, by saying it’s ‘cheap’ – although I appreciate they are mainly criticising people like me who live in Grace, rather than criticising Grace itself.

But whatever their reason, their Bible says that Grace is good, and that it comes from God, Who gives us only good things. Why then is it ‘cheap’? That’s ridiculous! And as for it being a ‘licence to sin‘, well, people manage that easily enough without Grace to help them. No, it’s Grace that teaches us to say ‘No’ so sin, not to give in to it! (Titus 2:11-12)’

In this excellent short piece, Christy Wood gives her take on Grace and how it works in her life:

I’ve heard people complain about the ridiculously extravagant grace of Jesus. They don’t like the way we teach it. They call it “cheap grace.”

It’s more than cheap, it’s free! ?

“But God still expects you to do the right things,” they say. “You should still do the right things. You can’t tell people that it doesn’t matter what they do.”

I don’t think they realize this, but the emphasis here is on behaviors. And even good behaviors can be sin when our heart motives are wrong. ?

We are broken people! And we are so often motivated by fear, pride, guilt, etc. Jesus came to set us free at the heart level. He doesn’t need us to fix ourselves. He just wants to shower grace upon us, build a relationship with us, and begin to work on restoring our hearts. ?

We WILL change when we meet Jesus. That’s a total given. But it won’t be because we are obsessed with a checklist of behaviors.

We will change because Jesus is changing us deep inside. Because the Spirit is at work empowering us, molding us, and remaking us. We will change at a heart level because of His scandalous, extravagant grace. ❤️

Link to the original piece is here.