More Precious than Silver…

In 1982, not long after we’d met, Fiona and I visited the Dales Bible Week in Harrogate, for a good few nights of worship. I remember the time clearly, and we learned a good number of new songs, many of which we had at our wedding in early 1984.

One of our favourites was this one: Lord You are more precious than silver.

When indeed nothing you desire compares with Him, it’s the perfect song to sing.

Here it is, from the Dales tape ‘Praise God in His Sanctuary’, as found on my website ‘Vintage Worship Tapes‘, where you can in fact download the entire preserved tape as mp3 files. Enjoy!

Lord You are more precious than silver
Lord You are more costly than gold
Lord You are more beautiful than diamonds
And nothing I desire compares with You

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