The Call to Love II

About a year ago I posted a blog entry called ‘The Call to Love‘, where I put out God’s call to love everyone unconditionally.

Well, I’m doing it again. Jesus gave only one commandment to His disciples: To love one another. He said that by this will all men know that you are His disciples (Jn 13:35). Love. Love everybody. Love them unconditionally, love them completely.

Also He said that the two ‘greatest commandments’ were to Love God and Love your neighbour (Lk 10:27, Mk 12:30-31). Using Hebrew parallelism, that passage suggests strongly that one goes hand in hand with the other. To love God is to love your neighbour, and to love your neighbour is to love God.

No exceptions are listed either. Love God, love your neighbour.

How simple is that?

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