Daily Archives: 28th February 2020

The Bible Is Not Clear!

Here’s a great piece by Jacob Wright:

The fact that everyone disagrees on what the Bible says, means the statement “the Bible is clear” is false. Some people, needing to cling to their certainty of a “clear Bible”, might say that “The Bible is clear, it’s just us that are the problem.” Well, if the “Bible is clear”, who are we saying it’s clear to? Humans. If it’s not clear to humans, then it’s not clear. Saying “the Bible is clear, it’s just not clear to us, because of this or that” is just another way of saying it’s not clear.

Another person said ”The Bible is clear, you just have to know how to read it.” That’s just another way of saying, “The Bible is clear, but how to read it is not clear, because you have to figure out the clear way of reading it” which is just another way of saying the Bible isn’t clear.

The way you find the Bible to be clear is according to whatever way you, or your denomination, or whatever preacher taught you to read it. And whatever you find “clear” many others don’t find clear. So again, the Bible is not clear. Hardly anything is clear in this world. But we can seek clarity and discuss and help each other gain more clarity through understanding different points of view.

But saying “The Bible is clear” is just another way of saying whatever is clear to you should be clear to everyone else.

– Jacob M. Wright