Daily Archives: 1st April 2018

If Jesus Really Is Alive…

For Easter Sunday – today – I just wanted to keep things simple. Or maybe not…because this might get you thinking.

A couple of months ago, I published one of my quotations, and it was this:

“That death is no longer the end has profound ramifications. Absolutely profound. Rather than spoon-feed you, I’ll just let you think about it for yourself. Ask yourself this question: ‘What attitudes would change in my life if death is no longer the end?’ If you think about this in any great depth, the results will change your life. It did for me”. *

If you are looking for an Easter Sunday meditation – and I appreciate that there wil be many out there today – then have a think about that quotation.

Not just, ‘what attitudes would change…’  but what are the ramifications of that? If Jesus really is alive, if He’s been alive for two thousand years after being dead and then raised back to life, as crazy as it might sound; if it’s really true, then what are the consequences, the ramifications, of that? For you personally, for your family, friends and loved ones, for your community, and for the world at large?

I will leave it with you.

Grace and Peace to you today, when we celebrate the day that death itself died…

*Originally from my blog post ‘The Fight