Lee O’Hare Talks On Hell

My regular readers will most likely know my stance on the eternal conscious torment model of Hell. That is the model that everyone who doesn’t decide to believe in Jesus in this life will spend eternity in agonising torment. And also, according to certain Christians, so will those people like me who claim that there is no such place 😉

Well, I don’t believe in that model at all. While my Hell Resource Page describes my beliefs as they were at the time of writing, I have developed my Hell ideas since then and have become even more convinced that Hell as portrayed by the Christian church does not exist. And key to this transformation of ideas has been the input from various groups I am a member of on Facebook; people who are free to discuss ideas and bat concepts back and forth between them.

One major contributor in these groups is Lee O’Hare, an American gentleman who leads a church in a coffee shop on Sundays. Here, then, is Lee speaking to his group on the subject of Hell, and why he thinks it is a flawed concept.

One thing that’s is so great about this talk, as well as it being a superb exposition anyway, is that so many people are discovering the same things at the same time. Lee and I both think that Hell is a besmirching of our Father’s name; that anyone could believe, much less propagate, the idea that the loving Father God, who is just like Jesus (Heb 1:3) is ok with torturing the majority of humanity in a roaring furnace for ever and ever and ever. No, just no. So, here’s Lee talking on that subject.

The talk is 52 minutes long, but it’s well worth listening to if you have the time. Listen with an open mind and feel your spirit lift 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lee O’Hare Talks On Hell

  1. Would love to come to one of your talks where are you and what time do you meet at the coffee houses

    1. Hi Mary, it’s not me who holds the meetings, it’s Lee himself who does it. I will contact him for you, and let him reply.

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