Darren’s Steam Engine

My friend Darren is a man after God’s Heart, and he’s also after Revival. Not just a small tent ‘revival’ like they do in the States, but a full-blown move of the Spirit in this day that will bring healing, blessing and righteousness to countless numbers of hurting people. He and I both want revival and, each in our own ways, we both work with God towards that end.

Yesterday, Darren shared a vision he was given while praying in the Moriah Chapel in Loughor, Wales, where the 1904 Welsh Revival began.

Here’s Darren’s post in full:

“I have something that I feel is very important to share with the Church…

“This morning as I was praying and soul-searching at the back pew in Moriah Chapel, God gave me a message in the form of an image in my head;-

“I saw an old steam train sitting on some tracks. It was not moving forward or backward but was just sitting there, unfulfilled in it’s purpose. Scattered in between the wooden sleepers that were supporting the rails were great weeds and the wheels of the train had rusted up and had probably also seized up too. It was clear that this train had not moved for a long time.

“The scene was then shifted and I was in the driver’s cabin of the train. I noticed that the water gauge indicated that there was no water in the reservoir. I then saw the door of the coal furnace open, revealing cold, long-burnt out coal. All of a sudden a shovel appeared out of nowhere and started to dig deeper and deeper into the coals, turning them over and over. I noticed that there were very dim ambers still barely alight right at the bottom of the pile and as the coal was being turned over and over, the ambers started to gradually heat up and ignite the cold coal. What seemed to be quite a long time went past but eventually the whole furnace was ablaze again. The heat was immense and the doors had to be slammed shut as the heat was unbearable.

“I then saw streams of water pour down from above and fill the reservoir until the needle on the gauge was indicating that it was full. Then the whistle blew louder than the loudest sound I have ever heard and thick black soot started to ascend until all was clear and clean steam was bellowing out of the chimney, to be seen for miles and miles.

“Then it happened! The rust fell off and the train broke free and start to slowly move forward. Then it picked up pace… faster and faster! Until it was speeding ahead at full speed, unstoppable! My heart was pounding.

“After seeing this, the Spirit spoke into my heart. He said that the coal furnace is the heart and the coals are the Word. He said that the Word needs to become a blazing fire within our hearts again. The water is Him. ‘What of the shovel Lord?’. His answer… prayer! For so long we have been thinking of ‘re-digging the wells’ in the sense of re-digging the ground but the reality is that we are re-digging the coals of the Word within our hearts!

“Then it hit me! His words… ‘The moment the water and the coal come together, the train will come alive! The water – the Spirit… and the coals – the Word… Wow, I’ve heard that before! Smith Wigglesworth prophesying in 1947. ‘When the Spirit and the Word come together…’ I always wondered what he meant! What a parable of revelation!

“Prayer is the key folks! Prayer is the key!! Turn over the coals of your heart! Use that God-given shovel! Pray that coal into a blazing furnace again and watch what happens when the Spirit ‘fills the reservoir’! Set your Bride alight again Lord for Jesus’ sake!”

Thanks Darren

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