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You may remember in one of my previous posts how I described the awesome phenomenon of what seemed like ‘recording God’. Almost as if you could get the Holy Spirit on tape…

Remember how I said that worship music stirs up the spirit of worship in the worshipper’s heart; how the reality of God’s Presence comes into focus as your heart turns towards Him?

Well, I’m writing this on the train to London, and I had some old classic Vineyard music playing (over my headphones, I might add!). Trouble is with that sort of thing is that when the spirit of worship arises in your heart, it’s very difficult to contain it. But I did my best; no more than a surreptitious raising of hands under my laptop….but for me the Presence of God was right there. I was almost in tears.

As a worship leader, I lead people into God’s Presence. It’s what I do. And I do that whether it’s in person or, like in this blog, by proxy. God is the same right there with you right now, as He is on this train with me.

So I thought I’d share this with you right now, so you too can join in. Fresh worship from an old song; fresh because the Creator God is right there in your heart, just as new and bright as He was on the Day of Creation and yet just as ancient as the universe, and even more so. The song is ‘Alleluia’, also known as ‘Jesus I love You’. Listen to it, join in, experience the Presence of God for yourself as you focus on Him.

Jesus I love You
I bow down before You
Praises and worship
To our King

Alleluia, Alleluia
Alleluia, Allelu

Oh, bless His holy Name. Glory to God!



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