Praise Looks Good on You!

Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him – Psalm 33:1

In the light of my former post, where I said that worship is a two-way thing, where we sing to God about how much we love Him, and He can say back to us how He is feeling about our worship, I wanted to present to you this song too.

In that post, I was writing about spontaneous prophetic song, but God can of course also speak to us of His approval through pre-written songs too. Here’s an example of such a song – Praise Looks Good on You by Don Moen, and sung here by him:

When you lift Your hands up high
And you sing a song of praise to Me
It brings Me great delight
Such a lovely sight
And yes it is true
Praise looks good on You
Morning night and noon
Your praise ascends to heaven
Like the smell of sweet perfume
Filling every room
And yes it is true
Praise looks good on You

You bring your sacrifices
And you offer up your praise
You lift your voice with singing
But your heart seems far away
More than a sacrifice
I am looking for your life
Holy and acceptable
And pleasing in my sight

So offer up your lives
Holy and acceptable
A willing sacrifice
Precious in my sight
But in all that you do
Remember all I want is You

So lift your hands up high
And worship Him before the altar
Consecrate your lives
A willing sacrifice
But in all that you do
Remember all He wants is you

And yes it is true
Praise looks good on you

And remember too that this doesn’t just apply during worship. There is nothing God likes better than a life lived in His Presence, because then He gets to spend time with His kids.

There’s nothing He likes better than that!

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