Daily Archives: 29th November 2015

Return to Simplicity

My friend Darren put something really amazing on Facebook yesterday (he does it often actually…); a profound heartfelt cry which I will share unchanged and uncommented. I’ll let Darren’s heart speak; see if he strikes a chord with your heart too:

“Often I wonder what it would be like to go back in time to the New Testament church… no set ‘patterns’ or traditions like we have today… no ‘one-hundred different denominations’, driving man against man, driving the nails through His hands and making a mockery of the cross… no church buildings… no ‘6-point sermons… no ‘approved’ bible schools… no man-made ‘scriptural’ ways of doing things… no excuses or clich├ęs… no ‘greater than thous’… just pure reality-driven walks with the Spirit. Starting from scratch. Completely open to His will. How I wish we could wipe the slate clean. How I wish we were as children. “Here I am Lord. Take me as I am!” No pre-conceived ideas of how it should be. Just willingly coming to Him and allowing Him to lead in whatever way He wills. “But we’ve always done it this way!”… Hmmmm. No compromises! ”

Quoted with permission. Thanks Darren!