Daily Archives: 22nd June 2020

The Free Gift

Here’s a superlative piece by Michael McElyea. I need add nothing:

Romans 6:23 begins by saying that “the wages of sin is death”…..and finishes by countering that with “but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus”

I’ve heard that first part of the verse thrown AT people so many times as a threat; COMPLETELY void of its context, which is saying something incredibly liberating and empowering and truly good news.

As a matter of fact, if you read Romans chapter 5 and 6…FULLY and paying attention to what Paul is saying; you’ll find there’s ZERO mention of our choice or decision. Why?…because the context is the complete works of Christ which affect and will affect every person who’s ever lived.

We hear thrown at us….the wages of sin is death but Gods free gift is eternal life in Jesus, so invite Jesus into your heart (he’s actually already there) and make him the Lord of your life….or you will go to hell, to eternal conscious torment and torture in flames


What if “the wages of sin is death” is announcing the inherent consequences to our actions and what they will produce in this life as opposed to saying if we sin we deserve to die? (Remember it says death; not everlasting life being tortured in fire, it says DEATH)

I challenge you all to read Romans 5 and 6. Read what Paul is actually saying. See how he contrasts universal humanity “in Adam” with universal humanity “in Christ” as a result of the complete work of Jesus on behalf of all of humanity

What if there isn’t a judicial system in family?….Let me ask that again

What if….there isn’t a judicial system….in FAMILY

What if his name really is Abba…and He is a Father and Physician…. and not a Judge and we not his subjects and servants…but we (humanity) are his children….sons and daughters of the living God. Sons and daughters of heaven and eternity and glory.

What if the atonement (what happened at the cross) was totally void of violence from the Father altogether? What if it really was a victory over the Satan, sin and death, and an unveiling of His heart; as well as Him healing us of the delusions we’ve created and have also been deceived by….all of which manifested death in our lives and in the earth. Which was NOT on earth as it is in heaven….. and Jesus came to reverse the trajectory in order to bring on earth as it is in heaven.

What if we’ve been looking at this completely through the wrong lens.

The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God (for all of humanity) is eternal life in Christ….that is a conclusive statement.

It is finished….behold, I make all things new

– Michael McElyea, used with his kind permission