It is with tremendous sadness that I acknowledge the passing of my friend, brother and fellow blogger Tim Chastain, owner/writer of the blog ‘Jesus Without Baggage‘. Tim was called home on 9th June and he now stands in that place where all suffering, pain and tears are but dim memories.

It was about four years ago that I discovered Tim’s blog, at about the time that I started writing mine. So much of what I found on Tim’s blog I found to be so refreshing, and so similar to aspects of my own faith walk, and yet so different as all our walks are different. I immediately ‘followed’ the blog and have been blessed by it ever since.

I contacted Tim via his website, and we began our friendship by email, reinforced by mutual blog comments and reblogs. This was at around the time when myself and my family were in the process of fighting my wife Fiona’s terminal cancer, and Tim was very gentle, understanding and supporting towards me, having himself faced into a similar situation.

Tim’s gentle wisdom and scholarship always shone through in his thoughtful and yet easy-to-read blog articles, and he gathered a devoted following of commenters who always brought different facets of insight into the discussions, which Tim moderated with openness and fairness. Tim’s writing brought immeasurable freedom, healing and Grace to countless lives, many of which of course we will never know about until we stand before the King.

I always received a warm glow in my heart whenever Tim commented on one of my blog posts; he was always encouraging, always positive (even if he didn’t agree!), and we learned so much from each other. Examples of Tim’s comments can be found scattered througout my blog posts, and I would encourage you to read some for yourself.

This tribute to Tim would not be complete without acknowledging his tremendous, uplifting support after I lost Fiona. Tim’s words were always gentle, edifying and encouraging, and played a great part in my working through of my grief.

Tim, although we never met face to face, I will miss you terribly. I will miss your gentle humour, your kindness and your unpretentious wisdom. Thank you for being you, and thank you for all you have done – most of it without even realising you were doing anything.

Heaven is a better place now because you are there.

I wonder if there’s a blog post in that idea, somewhere? 😉

Rest well, my friend 🙂

Here is the link to Tim’s obituary

…and to the farewell post on JWOB

5 thoughts on “Tim

  1. Very, very saddened to hear this news; I loved his ‘Jesus Without Baggage’ Page, with his generous & helpful interaction. RIP, RIG x

    1. ‘that place where all suffering, pain and tears are but dim memories’ ? I really like that! very comforting, thank you ? I need to believe this place exists, for all the wronged good hearted souls, I hear on the news of lives taken & worry how it can ever be righted, I ???? to know they’ll all be OK; the cruelty, injustice & bullying they endured in this tainted world will be just vague painless nothing memory, that they’re now totally happy, more than compensated. A murder I heard of in Ireland, of a lovely, vulnerable, young soul who should still be here, growing up, is really affecting me; I can’t bear that God allows evil to happen to the vulnerable, thrown to wolves, & that I can’t stop it, I can’t save them (especially if I recognise fellow Aspies; I know they’re confused & hurt by a herd-scum mentality who hate on difference; breaks, & infuriates, my heart)- If only I can believe they’re in a far better place & dying young is even a kind’ve a ‘blessing’ from their view, as they’re so much happier, & safer, it’s perfect, forever, glad to be away from *this* – guess I need to have Faith that God does & will sort everything..!

  2. I had been wondering how Tim was after his last post and the note from his son. I am very saddened to hear this news as Tim came across as a very gentle and thoughtful guy. I’m sure he’ll be missed by many who were comforted by his blog and found kindred “spirits”. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
    I echo many of your thoughts about Tim. I will really really miss his regular posts of sanity in this often insane World.

  3. Tim was a tremendous help to me in my journey away from toxic Fundamentalism/Evangelicalism. Along with Peter Enns and a few others, he was a significant reason I was able to keep my faith.

    I cherish the conversations we had as a result of our mutual blogging and commenting.

    He was always a kinder and gentler man than I am, and a real inspiration.

    Tim, may you be enveloped in the love of the Divine, and may you take joy in the many you have blessed and encouraged over the years.

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