Daily Archives: 3rd June 2017

My Burden Is Light…

Here’s a great post from one of my Facebook friends, a chap who comes out with a whole lot of wisdom:


If you’re thinking a relationship with God through Jesus adds the burden of meeting his requirements onto your already difficult life, rather than lifting that burden from you, giving you unspeakable joy and making your heavy load feel light, then perhaps it’s time you reconsider why God sent his son to die and rise.

Lifting pressure and making your heavy load feel light, not adding pressure by placing requirements on you, is precisely what Christ died and rose to accomplish and what Gods good news does each time it’s believed.

That’s why it’s called “good news!”

And still, so many hold tenaciously to a message that says until they meet certain requirements, they cannot enjoy God’s pleasure and “lightness” this side of heaven…so they never do.

So not true!

Christ died and rose so you wouldn’t need to wait another minute.

If this describes you, God can go from the taskmaster he isn’t to the savior and friend he is, all with a flick of a switch God calls faith.

Why not reconsider the good news.

Take a second look at the gospel.

Take another look at Jesus.