We Will Dance

Today I want to share with you a song that’s about twenty years old, but it’s as timeless now as it was even then. It’s ‘We Will Dance‘, also known as ‘Sing a Song of Celebration‘. It speaks of the streets of the Heavenly City being paved with pure gold (Revelation 21:21), and that we will dance there, dance in freedom, dance for joy, dance with our Saviour! As I’ve said before on my blog, “It’s true. All of it.” – these amazing things that “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1Cor 2:9 (NLT)) – these are things we will see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears, in just as much reality as the screen you are looking at now. The Book of Revelation is a strange book, written in an odd sort of coded language in the style of what is called an ‘Apocalypse’ (which is why some people refer to the ‘end of the world’ as the Apocalpyse). However, I firmly believe that some of it is actually written in clear English and is intended to be easy to understand; the parts of the book about the Heavenly City I personally think describe the City exactly as it will be like. I can’t imagine God telling untruths about what Heaven will be like, apocalyptic style or not!

So, what joy this brings to the believer, to know that these things will happen just as God said they would! Why not then anticipate some of that joy right now and listen to this song – join in if you like! – and let it remind you that these are things you will see for real in the future Kingdom! And because the Holy Spirit is given to you right now as a deposit, to guarantee that which is to come (Eph 1:14), and you feel His witness in your heart, you know it’s true. As good old Darth Vader said, “Search your feelings; you know it to be true!” and it’s the same with the witness of the Spirit. Here’s the song. We will dance! Hallelujah!

Sing a song of celebration, lift up a shout of praise
For the Bridegroom will come, the glorious One
And oh, we will look on His face
We’ll go to a much better place

Dance with all your might, lift up your hands and clap for joy
For the time’s drawing near when He will appear
And oh, we’ll stand by His side
A strong, pure, spotless bride

We will dance on the streets that are golden
The glorious bride and the great Son of Man
From every tongue and tribe and nation
We’ll join in the song of the Lamb

(David Ruis)

2 thoughts on “We Will Dance

  1. One of my favorites, that I heard when it was fairly new at the one Vineyard conference I went to in my late teens. It’s good for so many reasons, but I will admit one is that fantastic violin part which is so fun to play.

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