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The “Penalty of Sin”?

Don Francisco, as well as being an anointed minister of the Gospel through his music, is also a modern-day prophet, in that he says what he believes the Spirit is saying to the churches in this day.

Of course, this gets him a lot of flak from conservative churchgoers who like to sit comfortably with their little Book of Rules and know exactly where they stand, as opposed to having a vibrant, living relationship with the One who inspired the Bible; the One to whom it points.

Don has on his website a series of small blog posts – considerably shorter than mine! – where he does religious ‘mythbusting’: taking supposedly accepted tenets of church doctrine and church life and exposing the error, or at least fallacy, in their arguments.

In this Mythbuster, Don challenges the idea that God is just longing to give us the Penalty that we deserve for our sins, and puts this idea in its proper context.

Click the image below to go to Don’s article:


Oh, and while you’re there, check out some of his other Mythbusters too, using the ‘Myths Busted’ drop-down menu to the right of the page. It will definitely be worth your while, and will lead you into freedom! #12 is especially juicy. Yeah, bring it on, Lord!